Koorosh Rassekh

Formerly a competitive athlete at the national and international level, Koorosh deeply understands the connection between mind and body. He learned that the key factor to attain peak performance is a person’s state of mind.

Koorosh has undergone extensive training in mindfulness and meditation practices, including yoga, multiple breathwork modalities, mindfulness, and meditation techniques. He integrates mindfulness into his therapy and coaching work, where he works with people to help them become curious about their own experiences and unlock possibilities.  

Having confronted addiction in his own life, Koorosh founded Evo with the vision to break the stigma around mental health and create a world of healthier people, families, and communities.

He holds a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern California (USC).

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Gali Barak

As a lifelong dancer with specialized training in ballet, Gali has experienced both the exhilarating joy and intense scrutiny of coming of age in the dance community.

Her personal struggles with food and body image inform her work as a licensed therapist, where she has worked with numerous individuals to rewrite their stories around relationships, substances, and societal expectations. Her facilitation style is collaborative, conversational, and genuine. She believes that when people can begin to see themselves as dynamic, the possibilities are endless.

Gali holds a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, where she specialized in postmodern and narrative therapy.

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