830 A

Check in, grab coffee or tea, eat breakfast. Arrive early, pick up your bag of goodies, and start the day with a nutritious breakfast.



Identity Reboot. Kick off the day with an eye-opening session. As humans, we are all made up of many different versions of ourselves. Yet, so often, many of these possibilities remain untapped. Discover forgotten parts of your identity, counter stories that no longer serve you, and explore new possibilities for ways of being.


1130 AM

Mindful Life. Practice self compassion in this instructional meditation session. Learn concrete tools for staying grounded, focused, and present in a chaotic world.


1 PM

Grab lunch and relax. Enjoy a delicious, plant-based lunch, catered by special guest chef. Take advantage of Evo’s facility to relax, take a break, or hang out with new friends.